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Neon Peacock Skinned Mousepad

Now offering our skinned mousepads! Whether you'd want to add your pwn photo of your friends or family, or choose from one of our sleek designs, these mousepads will bring life to that boring desk of yours. These are made at 8" x 8" which is plenty of room to work your magic with the mouse. 

You can get these in two ways:

1. Vinyl Stick-it Mousepad-  Let's say you have a glass desk. Well, you're magic mouse doesn't work on glass because the laser on the bottom shoots right through the surface. Personally, I'm into thin materials, so for my desk, I went with a stick-it version that sticks to the surface and I never have to worry about it sliding around. When I want to change the look, i just remove it. It's clean and simple. 

2. Foam Backing-Our mousepads are also available with a foam backing if you'd like to carry yours on the go or just would prefer yours this way. Hey, the choice is yours here pal.


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