Design Skinz was started by an individual who loved to design and dreams of having his very own product that could be sold to just about anyone. However, bringing your own product to life isn't that easy. It takes countless hours going through all the important steps to design your idea, contact manufacturers, receive quotes, and honestly... not many companies want to deal with someone just starting out. They want the designer to purchase the idea they are producing in bulk. Could be hundreds, could be thousands.  But I'm sure there are some that cannot afford to front such funds, like the president of this company. Why not build a company that helps individuals with this problem? Okay, so this is only a skin for an iPhone, I know.  But any designer now has the option of having their own exclusive skin sold on a very appealing store.


    Why? This company was created to give any designer the opportunity to sell their work internationally and with little headache. Anyone can sell their very own designed skin on this site (with our approval) and receive a royalty off of each of their skin sold! How great would that be? To design your own skin, simply email us your design and for each skin sold that you created, BOOM- you receive a percentage. Who wouldn't want to be a part of this? It's fun and simple. We take care of getting your skin printed, packaged and shipped to that eager customer. So I guess the question would be... WHY NOT?