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Black Denim iPod Touch 4th or 5th Generation Skin

 Well, I think it's safe to say that the iPod Touch has become somewhat of a Game-Changer in the Media Player industry. We are proud to offer a product that fits these advanced devices. Our skins are available for the iPod Touch 4th and 5th Generation, simply select yours in the drop-down menu. Oh, don't forget you can add your own photo! Just email your image to info@designskinz.com for a free preview. 

How it's made:

    After the skins are printed on the high-quality vinyl, they are run through a clear-lamination process. What does this do? This protects the graphic itself from scratches and print removal, allowing the skin to appear brand new for quite a while. After the lamination process, we then take it through our plotter that cuts the outline for you to peel from. 

    When you're ready to remove, just start at a corner and peel it off. It's very simple and it doesn't leave that sticky residue that a sticker would!

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