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Add Your Own Photo! n-Sert Case

 To add your own photo to an n-Sert case, you'll need to do the following:

1. Purchase this item

2. e-mail your desired image to info@designskinz.com.Once we receive your photo, we will put together a sample preview to show you what it will look like. 

3. Last, all you need to do is approve that the preview shows what you want and we are in business. Your item will begin in production and ship out in 2-3 business days. 

Design Skinz is proud to introduce the all new, 3-piece n-Sert iPhone 4/4s and 5 case. Now you can change the look of your case as much as you want. Literally. When you buy this case, it will come with one flexible, graphic insert. You now will have the ability to purchase as many inserts as you'd like to change out inside the case. 

...Match certain outfits, whatever.

The case is in two pieces, front and back. The insert fits inside the back part of the case. You will put the insert and back part together, slap it on the back on the phone and then snap on the front. It's simple. It's thin, and it doesn't turn your phone into a brick. 

My mission was to create a slim fitting case that allowed my customers to interchange the inserts as they liked.

These are available for the iPhone 4,4s, and 5.

You can add your own photo to the case as well by emailing your image to info@designskinz.com, including "n-Sert my Photo" as the subject.

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